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Restorative Dentistry

A sparkling smile takes years off your appearance, gives you more confidence, and improves the way you look and feel.

Dr. Roberts and his staff work hard to restore every patient’s smile to its best possible condition. He will also repair cracked, broken, discolored or missing teeth. With veneer crowns or bridges, he will create and deliver dentures (full sets or partials) as required.

When there is an infection from a broken or diseased tooth, or problems caused by a fracture or decay, Dr. Roberts will perform the appropriate treatments and procedures to restore your smile.  As with all treatments, patient comfort is our top priority.

Serious conditions can also be treated in the office, including tooth extractions and root canals.  If a specialist is required, Dr. Roberts will refer patients to area experts he knows and trusts.

To schedule an appointment to improve your smile, contact the office at 903 675 2122 or click here to request an appointment.