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General and Preventative Dentistry

Regular cleanings and dental exams keep your teeth healthy and help ensure positive dental health.  Routine checkups and cleanings allow early detection of oral problems ranging from simple cavities to advanced gum disease and even oral cancer.

The American Dental Association recommends patients have their teeth cleaned every six months.  Additional cleanings may be required based on gum and tooth conditions and overall periodontal health.

During a routine visit, you can anticipate having Digital Radiographs made of your teeth to assist us in diagnosing your oral health and hygiene.  Cleanings may include the application of sealants for cavity prevention, fluoride treatments to strengthen enamels, or other routine procedures to treat conditions such as Halitosis (bad breath) or early stage periodontal disease.  

Routine visits also are used to diagnose existing conditions or to curtail developing ones.  We treat gum disease and other bacteria driven diseases.  Dr. Roberts will prescribe a course of treatment specific to your dental health and conditions.

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